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5 Business Imperatives
to be addressed en Español


Accounting  Analyst


Juan Carlos Morales

Surfside Capital Advisors

A surprisingly large amount of profitable and thriving micro-businesses are simply not set up properly when it comes to their legal business structure. This became evident during the pandemic when due to the lack of proper legal structure many lost out on needed resources, grants, and assistance.

As a small business owner, there are several options to choose from, with pros and cons for each depending on your business goals. This discussion will guide you on which basis steps to follow and be aware of when it comes to choosing your legal business structure. The four basic options that will be discussed are: 1. Sole proprietorship 2. C-Corp 3. S- Corp 4. Limited Liability Corporation.

How do I choose a Legal Structure for My Small Business?

Small Business


What do I need to obtain a business loan through a traditional bank?

Banking  Analyst

nader acevedo.jpg

Nader Acevedo

Hispanic American Institute

The right business loan can help you get the capital you need to start a new venture, expand a current successful business, or gain access to working capital to cover necessary business expenses. One of the most underutilized resources small businesses have is access to capital. Virtually every growing successful business needs access to funds, which usually means having a close business relationship with one or more bankers.

What are the first steps you need to take? What do you need to prepare for? Who can help you in writing your business plan, in preparing your Profit and Loss Statements, in maintaining your cash flow and in fully understanding your balance sheet? All of these documents will be required. What do you need to do to be ready to ask for money from a traditional lender?



Staffing and Human Resources

HR Specialist 

andreina viera.jpg

Marcela Aldaz & Andreina Viera

ARKA HR - Strategists

Every single small business depends on human talent. Who you hire, how you hire and how you choose to pay them are all critical issues for small businesses. How do you retain your best employees? And paying via check or via cash is an unspoken but legitimate topic that needs to be addressed. Many lost on federal PPP assistance simply because of not being able to document their entire work staff.

What are the best practices you should take when you first hire an employee and what are the best practices when you need to let go of one? What kind of working environment and company culture have you establish or need to establish?  This session will go over simple, but effective ways you can address these important, often ignored, topics by small businesses that can often lead to legal issues.

Marcela_Aldaz 2.jpg


Resources you need to apply for asap!

Community Advocate

frances martinez.jpg

Frances Martinez

North Shore Latino Business Association

The amount of support and assistance and money that is available for small businesses has never been higher than it is today. But, do YOU know how to access those resources? You may be eligible for grants (free money), low interest loans, free technical assistance, as well as programs that will provide you with experienced business mentors who will advise you without costing you a penny.

Many of these programs and resources are available in Spanish. This session will provide you with an overview of what is available and how you can apply for them. These resources have been the main reason many businesses were able to survive the pandemic. The federal and local government wants to help YOU, but you need to ask and know where to ask. This session will help you.



Marketing and advertising your business in this digital world

Advertising Analyst


Wilson Camelo

Camelo Communications

In a recent survey, the top priority for small businesses after the need for capital, was support in marketing and advertising. For many small businesses, how you market your business determines if your enterprise will be successful or not. It’s that simple.

What are the best ways to position your business? What are the tools you have already that will help you reach potential new customers? Does your name, logo and brand effectively convey your product or services?

Is radio, tv, newspaper or social media the way to go? Do I need to hire someone to do my social media? How much should I spend?  What exactly is MY target audience and what are the best marketing tools to reach them? Learn from a nationally recognized expert who understands your small business marketing needs and can explain it to you in Spanish or English.

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